Gamemode Competition is Comming

GmodStore are organizing a Gamemode Competition that will give you the chance to feature your very own gamemode in Garry's Mod!

To enter, simply follow the following steps:

1. Create a gamemode with the objective of having the most fun possible with your friends!
2. Call it something with "GmodStore" in it (e.g., [GmodStore] Super Fun Mode)
3. Upload it to Steam Workshop
4. Fill out the form here

We will have 3 judges, who will be chosen out of the ProjectGmod Administration team, who will rank the gamemodes based on a number of factors. The team at GmodStore will review all the entries and pick the top 5. Then it's up to you, the community, to vote for the winner! The team will be looking for a gamemode that will:

- Be fun with friends!
- Uses great visuals or sound.
- Be easy to play for new players.

The winners will be announced later after the competition.


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